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LinguaFrame publishes innovative, practical textbooks that are specially designed to meet the needs of the bilingual projects at Spanish schools. We also publish other books for English language learners, including graded readers and the ground-breaking Olive Green English course.

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Olive Green

Olive Green is a ground-breaking English course, which combines a textbook with an interactive action film, a game and online language exercises. The course, which has won numerous awards for its innovative approach to language learning, will keep you entertained as it takes you from the basics (A1) up to advanced level (C1).

Olive Green was developed in Poland by SuperMemo World sp. z.o.o. LinguaFrame is pleased to announce our new partnership with SuperMemo World. We have signed a licensing agreement to produce Spanish-language versions of the course books and distribute Olive Green in Spain.

“Simple, clear, colourful, value for money.”
“A very practical page structure, colourful and full of activities.”
Integrated Curriculum for Secondary Education. Social Sciences, Years 1 and 2, Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, 2013.
“Quedé muy satisfecho de los libros, porque me parece que combinan muy bien los conocimientos científicos de la materia con un nivel de inglés accesible a los alumnos.”
Profesor, Cáceres