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At LinguaFrame, we combine innovation and creativity with a commitment to quality. Our publications include a wide variety of textbooks for bilingual schools in Spain, as well as graded readers.

native English speakers


experienced subject teachers


high-quality, practical textbooks

Our textbooks are written by highly-qualified native English speakers, so there isn’t a trace of “Spanglish” in sight. We also work really closely with experienced Spanish subject teachers, which means that our books are practical and meet the needs of both teachers and students.

We believe that bilingual schools have very specific requirements. They need textbooks with clear and concise explanations, and with lots of visual aids to help students overcome their language barriers. Textbooks that seamlessly integrate language learning, but without letting it get in the way of the subject content.

Of course, these days it isn’t enough just to produce great textbooks. That’s why we offer teachers digital versions of our textbooks, as well as online Teachers’ Resources with a wealth of additional teaching materials, including audio resources, extra activities for students, tools for bilingual coordination and much, much more.

The image shows an example of the topics available for one of our books. To see the full resources, you will need to register. All teachers can register, even if they are not using our textbooks at the moment, and it is completely free of charge.

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Students also need more than just a textbook, which is why we have a dedicated Student Zone on our website, with quizzes and audio glossaries to accompany each of our textbooks. It’s the perfect place for students to have fun revising while perfecting their English accent.


Insight Graded Readers provide an enjoyable and structured way for students to learn about the world around them while improving their English. Each book contains fun and informative texts about our society, history, culture, physical environment and advances in science and technology related to the curriculum at Spanish secondary schools.

Graded readers are written for people who are learning English as a foreign language. The language in each book is therefore graded for students with a particular level of English. The vocabulary and grammatical structures used are carefully chosen, so that they are appropriate for that level.

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“Simple, clear, colourful, value for money.”
“A very practical page structure, colourful and full of activities.”

Integrated Curriculum for Secondary Education. Social Sciences, Years 1 and 2, Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, 2013.

“Quedé muy satisfecho de los libros, porque me parece que combinan muy bien los conocimientos científicos de la materia con un nivel de inglés accesible a los alumnos.”

Profesor, Cáceres