Olive Green

Olive Green is now available in Spain! Olive Green is a groundbreaking English course, which combines a course book, an interactive action film, games and language exercises. It has won numerous prestigious international awards for its innovative approach to language learning, and opens a brand new chapter in what is referred to as “edutainment”.


Olive Green is based on a nearly 3-hour-long action film about an American art thief who takes up a new mission. The film is divided into 60 scenes, with 12 scenes for each of the 5 language levels (A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1). Subtitles are available in English or Spanish.


After watching each episode, you can do language exercises to help you to expand your vocabulary, practise your reading and listening comprehension, improve your speaking skills, and master English grammar.


The Olive Green course incorporates the SuperMemo algorithm, which will help you to learn faster and remember what you have learned.

SuperMemo plans the repetition of exercises according to your individual pace of learning and achievements – you just have to fully surrender to the algorithm! Get amazing results from as little as 20 minutes per day.

Learn fast and forget about forgetting!

The most-awarded English course

Awards for Olive GreenOlive Green has been awarded or nominated for numerous international prizes. These include:

  • The London Book Fair International Excellence Awards 2016, Winner: award in the Educational Learning Resources category in a contest held at The London Book Fair in London, UK
  • BETT Awards 2016, Winner: award in the Educational Apps category in a contest held by BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) in London, UK

Olive Green available in Spain

Olive Green was developed in Poland by SuperMemo World sp. z.o.o. LinguaFrame has signed a licensing agreement with SuperMemo World to produce Spanish-language versions of the course books and distribute Olive Green in Spain.