Olive Green – FAQs

Do I need to buy the book and the film separately?

No! Olive Green is a complete product that includes the book (in digital or paper format) and access to the interactive online course (film + exercises).

Who develops and maintains the Olive Green platform?

Olive Green is developed and maintained by SuperMemo World sp. z.o.o., a company that produces online courses and applications for language learning.

How can I access the interactive Olive Green course?

Olive Green is available in several formats:

  • online at www.SuperMemo.com via a web browser
  • through the SuperMemo.com application for Windows computers
  • through the SuperMemo.com mobile app for Android or iOS

The program records and synchronises your progress to allow you to study on several different devices: mobiles, tablets or computers.

How long will I have access to the application / online course for?

You will get lifetime access to the course. This means that you can learn at your own pace. Even after completing the course, you’ll still have access to it.

For more information, see SuperMemo’s Terms of Use.

What are the technical requirements for the software?
  • Computer: Windows® 7 SP1 ES/EN, Windows® 8 ES/EN, Windows® 10 ES/EN. 2GB RAM, screen resolution 1024 x 768, .NET Framework v4.6.
  • Android: phone or tablet with Android version 4.1. or above.
  • iOS: iPhone/iPad with iOS 8 or above.

Olive Green is available in our online shop

Do I need to be online to do the course?

No. If you use the desktop or mobile application you can study without being connected to the Internet. When you go online again, the program will synchronise your progress to allow you to study across various different devices.

Can I transfer my account to someone else?

No, your account is personal, so you can’t transfer it to someone else once it has been activated.

What levels does Olive Green cover?

A1-C1. The film has 60 scenes, with 12 scenes for each of the five language levels (A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). There are exercises and grammatical explanations that go with each film scene.

The course is available in two parts: basic (A1-A2) and intermediate – advanced (B1-C1). You can also purchase the complete course (A1-C1).

We recommend starting the course at the beginning (A1), even if you have a higher level of English. This allows you to watch the whole film, as well as getting used to the actors’ accents and the application interface. You can start to do the exercises once you encounter vocabulary or language structures you want to practise, and skip any activities that seem too easy.

What is included in the online course / application?
  • Interactive film
  • More than 6,400 grammar and vocabulary exercises
  • 60 interactive dialogues
  • Spaced repetition system based on the SuperMemo algorithm
  • Grammar explanations and cultural trivia
What does the book include?
  • Transcripts of the film and conversations
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Grammar explanations
  • Cultural trivia
What formats is the course available in?

The course is available in the following formats:

  • Basic: A1-A2 (paper or digital book)
  • Intermediate – Advanced: B1-C1 (paper or digital book)
  • Complete course: A1-C1 (digital book)

Olive Green is available in our online shop

What types of exercises does the online course / application include?

Several thousand exercises will help you to expand your vocabulary, practise your listening comprehension, improve your speaking skills, and master English grammar. The course uses a wide variety of exercise types, such as fill-in-the-gaps, multiple choice, drag-and-drop, scrambled words, paraphrasing and matching.

Will Olive Green help me improve my speaking?

Yes! Voice recognition technology will help you to improve your speaking. In the interactive dialogues, the computer will understand what you are saying and continue the conversation.

Will the course help me improve my listening?

Yes, of course! As well as almost three hours of film, the course includes listening exercises and interactive dialogues that will help you to practise and improve your listening.

Will the course help me with English grammar?

Yes! For each episode, there is a grammar explanation that provides more examples of common uses of the language structure you are practising. There are also lots of exercises to reinforce the grammatical points that you have learned.

How do I use the interactive dialogues?

The interactive dialogues will help to develop the skills you need for an everyday conversation in English. Voice recognition technology makes it possible for the computer to understand what you are saying and continue the conversation.

How does the SuperMemo method work?

The Olive Green course uses the SuperMemo method of smart repetition. This helps you to learn very efficiently by repeating exercises at just the right moment. The SuperMemo algorithm is constantly being improved to help users remember more and learn faster than with any other competing solution. The Olive Green course incorporates the most up-to-date version of the algorithm.

Olive Green is available in our online shop