Cancellation and Returns


LinguaFrame allows customers to cancel orders at no cost whatsoever, provided that LinguaFrame receives the cancellation before the order has been handed over to the shipping company for delivery. If the order has already been passed on to the shipping company, the customer must wait until the order arrives and arrange to return it as detailed below.


Our policy, which complies with current legislation in Spain, is to allow customers to return any book within 14 days of receiving it. You do not need to provide any reason or explanation for your decision: any book returned in good condition (in appropriate packaging and unused) will be accepted.

LinguaFrame promises to refund the customer within 30 days of receiving the returned item.

Before returning the item, you should inform us of your intention, so that we can tell you how to send the item to us. It is essential for you to inform us in advance, and we cannot accept items on a collect on delivery basis if they have been sent by a different method of transport than the one specified by us. Details of how to contact us are given on our contact page.

Conditions of return:

  • If the reason for the return is that the book is in unacceptable condition, or does not match the customer’s order, LinguaFrame will pay for the cost of returning the book.
  • In all other cases, we will refund you the cost of the product, but not the shipping costs, nor the cost of returning the book.
  • The refund will be made by the same method as used by the customer to buy the book.

Do you have any questions? Please get in touch:

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