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How do our books help teachers?

Teaching on a bilingual programme is an exciting opportunity, but it is also a real challenge. That’s why we believe that specially designed textbooks, supported by a range of additional online resources for teachers, provide the perfect platform on which you can build creative lessons. Our books mean that you can spend less time checking terminology and adapting material to the English level of your students, and more time preparing activities that will stimulate their interest in the subject.

Our books are also supported by a comprehensive range of online teachers’ resources (see below).

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Teachers’ Resources

The teachers’ resources are designed to help you as a teacher get as much as possible out of our textbooks, by helping you to prepare your classes and by providing access to additional material. Each chapter of each book has its own resources, which are set out in a standard format. The resources include:

Knowledge objectives: outlines the content objectives and evaluation criteria, as well as key subject vocabulary for the chapter

Key competences: explains how the questions and exercises relate to the European key competences for life-long learning

Language requirements: sets out the grammatical structures required for the chapter, and includes a general vocabulary list for the chapter, to help coordination with the students’ English teacher

Language skills: explains how the students will use the four main language skills, and what structures they will be practising

Solutions: contains answers to the questions and exercises in the book

Audio resources: includes additional listening activities with downloadable audio files, teachers’ notes and worksheets

Additional activities: extra questions and exercises to accompany the textbook, as well as their solutions

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