About LinguaFrame

LinguaFrame is a dynamic educational publisher specialising in high-quality English textbooks for the bilingual projects at Spanish secondary schools. Spain is the world leader in this model of education, and many schools are beginning to achieve outstanding results. We also publish other books for English language learners, including graded readers.

Our journey

When we first heard about the bilingual model of education being pioneered in Spain, we were fascinated by the idea. We met teachers who were enthusiastic about the concept, but frustrated with the textbooks available to them, which were direct translations of textbooks in Spanish. The level of English was too high, and they were not adapted to the needs of English language learners.

In 2011 we set out to produce a different, better kind of textbook. Naturally, the first thing we did was to ask experienced teachers what they wanted and needed from a textbook in English. They told us they wanted books written by native English speakers, and which weren’t translated from Spanish. They wanted good, clear language and lots of visual aids to help overcome students’ language barriers. They wanted CLIL, but only if it was implemented in a practical way.

It’s been a long journey, but teachers using our textbooks at schools all over Spain tell us that it’s been worth it. They believe that we’ve succeeded in creating a different, more useful kind of textbook.

Our philosophy

“Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler”
– attributed to Albert Einstein

We believe that simple, clear explanations help students to make faster and better progress. This is particularly true when they are studying subjects like history, geography and science in a foreign language. However, we never oversimplify complex topics, because we recognise that improving students’ English skills shouldn’t come at the expense of their subject knowledge.

Our approach

Our textbooks are written by highly-qualified native English speakers, ensuring accurate and idiomatic use of the language, with no “Spanglish” in sight. We work very closely with experienced teachers at bilingual schools, to make sure that our books cover the whole curriculum at an appropriate level. Over the years, we have continuously improved our books in response to feedback from the teachers who use them every day in their classrooms.

Studying subjects like science and history in a foreign language is a big challenge for many students, but we make it easier for them by writing in clear and simple English. We also help students by using lots of visual aids, such as clearly-labelled diagrams, maps and pictures. Our books take a slightly more informal, fun approach than traditional textbooks, which is another reason why they are so popular.


Our books include lots of questions and exercises to test students’ comprehension. We also have online interactive exercises in our Student Zone – it’s totally free, whether or not you have bought one of our books, so why not check it out?

Where are our books used?

Our books are being used in over 100 schools all over Spain.