Maps, Mummies, Gods and Gladiators

Maps, Mummies, Gods and Gladiators takes an in-depth look at seven interesting topics related to geography and history, from life in the Yanomami tribe in the Amazon, to what it was like to be a gladiator in Ancient Rome. The book is particularly aimed at students in the first year of ESO, but the topics are of general interest, so it can be enjoyed by anyone who is learning English.

Maps, Mummies, Gods and Gladiators is available in bookshops throughout Spain and from our online shop. An e-book version is also available through Amazon Kindle.


  1. Mount Etna – Sicily’s volcano
  2. Life in a rainforest tribe
  3. A brief history of maps
  4. Looking to the stars: religion in Mesopotamia
  5. Mummies and their mysteries
  6. Titans and Olympians
  7. Gladiators – stars of Ancient Rome
Maps, Mummies Gods and Gladiators

Product details

Authors: Rachel Murray and Benedict Barclay
Number of pages: 64
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: LinguaFrame S.L. (November 2015)
Language: English
Language level: Improvers / A2 on the Common European Framework for Languages scale
ISBN-13: 978-84-939346-9-9
Size: 200 x 130 mm