Frequently Asked Questions

Why LinguaFrame?

Our name is inspired by the idea that while students are still building their language skills, they need a frame to support them. Our textbooks provide a frame on which students and teachers can build together.

The problem with textbooks in English is that the students don’t understand anything. How are your books different?

We understand that studying in a foreign language is a real challenge, but we help students to overcome the language barriers by using visual aids, such as clearly-labelled diagrams, maps and pictures. Our books also take a more informal, fun approach than traditional textbooks.

We work very closely with bilingual teachers to produce practical textbooks that genuinely meet their needs. Many teachers have told us how much both they and their students like our books.

Do you have textbooks for my subject?

We currently offer textbooks for Geography and History, Biology and Geology, and Physics and Chemistry. Our textbooks cover all four years of ESO in those subjects. We hope to offer more subjects in the future.

Do you have textbooks for secondary school?

Yes, we have textbooks for all for years of ESO for the subjects Geography and History, Biology and Geology, and Physics and Chemistry.

Do you have textbooks for primary school?

At the moment we don’t offer textbooks for primary school.

Do you have textbooks for Bachillerato?

At the moment we don’t offer textbooks for Bachillerato.

Do you have digital books?

Yes! We provide digital versions of our textbooks free of charge to teachers at schools that are using our books. They can be projected onto a whiteboard or used when preparing lessons. Our audio materials are embedded into the digital books, to make it even easier to use them in class. Schools that are not using our textbooks can buy a license for the digital books.

We do not currently offer digital books for students, although we may do so in the future. Let us know if you would be interested in using digital versions of our textbooks at your school.

Are your textbooks translations of Spanish textbooks?

No! If you translate existing Spanish textbooks, the language will be at a level that students are only capable of mastering in their mother tongue. That’s why our textbooks are specially designed for bilingual schools in Spain, and incorporate the principles of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

Do you have Spanish translations of your English textbooks?

No, we don’t. We believe that Spanish students need different kinds of textbook in Spanish and English. We believe that one of the biggest advantages of our textbooks is that they are specially designed for students who have English as their second or additional language.

Do your books follow the British curriculum?

No! Our books include all of the topics in the Spanish curriculum, as well as subjects of special interest to bilingual groups that promote knowledge and understanding of other countries and cultures.

What activities do you have?

Our books include lots of questions and exercises to test students’ comprehension. We also have online interactive exercises in our Student Zone – it’s totally free, whether or not you have bought one of our books, so why not check it out?

Listening and speaking are the skills that students find most difficult to master. What materials do you have?

All of our books have listening material, on a CD and/or our website. We also use pair work and discussions to get the students to practise speaking English. In addition, our Student Zone has lots of activities that involve listening.

Are your textbooks based on CLIL?

Yes! However, we take a very practical approach to incorporating the principles of CLIL into our textbooks, and the emphasis is always on producing textbooks that are as useful as possible to teachers and students.

What is CLIL?

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is a teaching philosophy designed to help teachers and students in bilingual classes. It uses “scaffolding” to enable students to master the subject being taught (e.g. geography or physics) while also improving their language skills.

Where can I buy your books?

Our books are available in our online shop, and in bookshops throughout Spain.

Where are your books used?

Our books are used in over 100 schools all over Spain. Click here to see where they are used.