Bilingual Education Conference in Granada

Last October we attended the CIEB bilingual conference in Badajoz, which was a very valuable learning experience for us (see our blog post). This year, the CIEB conference is being held in our home town of Granada, so naturally we’ll be going. However, this time we’re not just going to listen and learn – we’ll also be giving a short talk and a workshop to share some of our expertise.

The motto for this year’s conference is Languages. Bilingualism. Bilingual Education, and it will once again look at bilingual education within the Spanish Education system. One important topic will be the differences between the bilingual programmes in different regions, including their advantages and disadvantages, how they are developing, how they are implemented and managed and their results. The conference will also look at the distinction between language teaching, bilingualism and bilingual education, building on the discussions at the conferences in 2017 and 2018. Although all of these terms are well defined, they have a tendency to create confusion, particularly amongst parents.

We’ll post more details about the conference, including more information about our presentations, between now and October.

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