Bilingual education in Aragón

This post looks at the bilingual programme in Aragón. It forms part of our series on bilingual programmes in different regions of Spain. In May 2018, Aragón introduced a new framework for bilingual education in schools called the Modelo BRIT-Aragón, which replaced the earlier PIBLEA programme.

Before the introduction of BRIT-Aragón, bilingual schools in Aragón were either part of the MECD-British Council scheme or the regional government’s PIBLEA programme. BRIT-Aragón is partly based on the MECD-British Council programme, but it gives schools greater flexibility in choosing the subjects to be taught in a foreign language. The foreign language can be English, French or German. The programme prioritises oral competence and the aim is for students to reach a B2 level by the end of compulsory secondary education.

BRIT-Aragón requirements

The BRIT-Aragón programme has the following characteristics:

  • foreign language teaching must make up at least 35% of the total timetable – this can include language lessons as well as other subjects taught in a foreign language (ANLs)
  • group sizes of 15-22 for language lessons and ANLs
  • in infant and primary schools, ANL teachers need a B2 level, with at least one teacher in each school having a C1 level
  • in secondary schools, ANL teachers need a C1 level, and they are supported by language assistants
  • at infant and primary level, all students participate in the bilingual programme, but at secondary level it is optional

These requirements are much stricter than the previous PIBLEA scheme, which schools could participate in by offering only one ANL.

British Council schools continue to follow their own programme, but they have had to make some changes to meet the requirements of BRIT-Aragón.


ORDEN ECD/823/2018, de 18 de mayo, por la que se regula el Modelo BRIT- Aragón

News story about BRIT-Aragón

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